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Destin's Salty Dog Grooming offers pampered grooming services to give your pet a fresh new look!

Sessions can include washing and blow drying, ear cleaning, deshedding and haircut, nail trimming and other sanitary necessities.

My Name is Samantha.  I am a long time resident of Destin Florida and noticed a growing need for Pampering and Grooming of Active Beach dogs! 

I am a certified licensed dog groomer, I graduated from the Florida Academy of Pet Grooming in Pace Florida.

I opened a home based grooming salon in 2016 with my entire Garage transformed into a grooming salon.  My goal was and is to try to only schedule a few dogs at a time to help reduce the amount of stress, barking and distractions that can result in anxiety and stress.

I have been fortunate enough in 2018 to expand into my Full Service grooming business located at 230 Harbor Blvd here in Destin!  Destin is my home and I love the Beaches, the sun, the water and all of the Furbabies!

I still maintain a one on One grooming policy but I have added Amber Davis to Our Shop!  We hope to maintain a high standard of grooming as well as get your pups in and out of the shop as quickly as I possible, so the pups don't have to stay in a foreign environment for long stretches.

Amber was born and raises in Alabama . Amber has been our Pet Groomer since July 2005. She has over 10 years of experience and training in all breed grooming, both breed standard cuts, as well as custom request trims. Amber started as a pet bather in 2004 .

Philosophy and Goals From the moment I started working with dogs I knew that I was on the right path. What started as a part time bathing job has turned into an amazing career. I have devoted my time to the well-being of all animals. I believe the bond between pet and groomer is vital. I strive to develop close relationships with all of my four legged clients. I do my best to provide a safe and stress free experience for every pet in my care.

Your pet will be treated with the same compassion and love my own receive. The key is using positive reinforcement rather than disciplinary actions. My gentle touch will gain the trust needed for a pleasant grooming experience and a contented pet. My aspiration is to keep my clients looking and feeling their best, while ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of their parents. Grooming is essential to the health of any pet; a well groomed pet is a happy pet.

We  will accept any breed of dog.  Big or small. 
My prices ranges are reasonable and services are varied. First time customers please bring recent up to date shot records or provide veterinary phone number prior to appointment to verify current shots.


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Professional Pet Groomer

You shampoo because hair collects oil. That means it can collect petroleum oil spills too. Over 300,000 pounds of hair are cut each day in the US and not to mention all the clippings from pet groomers.
We hope you'll enjoy this little film about our charity's "Oil Spill Hair Mats Program"
Our thanks to Phil McCrory, hair mat inventor
The music is "Via Con Me" by Paolo Conte

At Destin's Salty Dog Grooming, we Love our Clients.  We also love our Beaches!  We participate in the Matter of Trust program sending all pet hair grooming in to aid in Oil Spill Clean up of our Environment.  We feel the need to encourage others to protect our beaches, to love our pets, and to enjoy one another in Peace and friendship not hatred.  Please take a second to watch the video and click on the link.